What is the story behind In His Image Fitness?

Image matters and from 1994 – 2010,  I, Trudy Beerman was in the image business.  I held professional certifications in nutrition and fitness.  During that time, I was looking fit, but the process was all about image.  Over the counter weight loss products, starving, the latest fads, and for a while, I was even considering surgical ‘enhancements’.

The recession came and took my business and studio.  I was depressed.   Since my goal was never health and I no longer had to keep up with an industry standard, I ballooned in weight and did not even care.

Image, off Track

With the losses I turned to my Bible for sanity and help.  The Lord showed me that I was negligent in the area of stewardship at many levels.  What He had entrusted me with, I created what I now refer to as my “golden calf “, as I shifted to celebrating the stuff, rather than the giver of the stuff.  Also, I was a poor manager (steward) of the stuff anyway.  I deserved to lose it and more.  God showed me he was merciful.

With this fresh understanding, my husband and I started a new journey of Profitable Stewardship that creates debt-free wealth.  Along that journey, it became clear that stewardship of the Temple (my body) had to be included in the process.

Image back on track

I submitted to studying the Bible on the matter ofStewardship of the body and lost 35+ pounds,  a loss I have maintained.

I am a “Do as I do”, NOT a “do as I say” leader.

In my BEFORE picture, I don’t have a beach body. I have a beachED body. Very WHALE-like! See my BEFORE pic in the lower left corner of this page.

My AFTER pic is what I look like now.

My family DNA has probably handed down the high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney stones, and other issues my way. This health journey is my way to DELAY, DILUTE, or DELETE any of these things happening to me in the future.

Just know – that each of us is responsible for our own success.
Whatever goal you seek is attainable if you decide to make it so.

Trudy Beerman, your Challenge Coach

In His Image Fitness is the natural evolution of my Stewardship journey.  I hope you will join me.  This is NOT a journey to go solo, any more than leaving Egypt for the promised land was a journey for one.  I am no Moses, but I feel more like a Joshua.  Picking up where Moses left off – helping the next generation of people group get through the challenges to finally find a place of healthy prosperity, and fellowship with each other and God.

Today, I am pursuing a quest for image – His Image! New tools, mindset, and resources; bringing me closer to becoming a Profitable Steward of myself, my body, my mind, and my heart.

I hope you will be a part of this evolving story as a friend, supporter, or team mate. Thank you for reading my story.