When I was Thinner. Confessions of a Fitness Coach.

Thinner does not mean healthier. Confessions of a Fitness Coach.

Once upon a time I was a certified fitness coach who weighed 35 pounds less than I do right now.  Below is a 2005 picture of me in my studio.  Yes, I look strong, certainly thinner than I am today – but my nutrition and strategy was horrible!




Trudy Beerman 2005

Me in my studio 2005

Image management back then was all about ‘the look’.  I kept my calorie count under 1200 rigidly.  I would eat french fries all day as long as my overall net daily intake was at, or under 1200 calories.

Weight gain or loss is at the simplest, the addition or subtraction of 3500 calories.  3500 calories = 1 pound up or down base on your net result.  Your net result was a manipulation of your current weight against:

  1. movement intensity, time spent, and type of activity
  2. food and fluid intake
  3. resting metabolic rate

Clearly, #1 and #2 are easy to manipulate, however #3 is possible to change deliberately too, but with more effort.

You gain weight or get thinner with every 3500 calories you gain or lose.

Back then, I was doing what my peer instructors were doing – over the counter weight management drugs (including ephedra which the FDA removed due to high death related incidents), excessive exercise, and low calorie nutrition. I was even considering surgical ‘enhancements’.  The other fitness coaches had done it – were doing it.  It was all about image – how we looked and not truly about health.  However, we could talk a good game.  We knew to talk about health, but for many of us health and being healthy came way down the priority list to our look.

It is possible to be thin and very unhealthy.  Let me introduce you to a new medical concern known as normal weight obesity (NWO).  “Think of it as metabolic rust”, according to the scientists at the Mayo Clinic.

Read the story of my in-between phase that fast forwards me to 2016.  In a nutshell, with the recession, I lost my studio, fitness credentials and care of how I looked and depression lulled me into a fat stupor.

Staring at close to 300 pounds on the scale and in the mirror, something changed when I embraced Dr. Rick Warren’s Bible curriculum called The Daniel Plan.  I lost a lot of weight and even lead Bible study groups on this curriculum.  The weight loss was life changing, but mostly because it was an outward revelation of an internal change.  I reconnected to my life purpose and sitting around in a depressive slump was no longer my way of life.  Energy spilled over into everything as I moved forward with a sense of purpose.

Image management today is all about recognizing that my body is a temple and I am made in the image of God. In HIS image. Today, I am still far off from where I used to be and that is quite OK.  I have zero intention of being a slave to hours of exercise, harmful substances, or poor nutrition to achieve a ‘look’ for the sake of external approval.

With that steady progress, if I ever get back to my former size, it will be done in a healthy, self-loving process.

So, here is a progress update:

Me: thinner

progress update, thinner,

Yes, my plan is to be thinner still and my journey is far from over, but my progres includes daily movement and healthy eating.

In the gap I focused on money and profitable stewarship, and when The Daniel Plan came into my life, I was challenged to consider stewardship of my body!

Today, my Profitable Stewardship Movement includes stewardship of the body as an important component.

Some of you may know, my much younger sister suffered a stroke, and that as I write this post, I am weeks away from my 50th birthday.  Trust me – it is very much an urgent thing in my life to no longer use youth as an excuse to take my health for granted.  No matter how much financial wealth a person accumulates, poor health can steal that money so fast from your quality of life if you live, or from your family, if you die.

The beauty of my new approach to stewardship of the body is, not only does it give me the tools, resources, and community to help me maintain my efforts toward improved health – but it also gives me the the same to help others.  Guess what – if you help enough people get what they want, you find you get what you want in the process – but it is so cool that this opportunity also helps financially compensate me for doing so too.

As a new customer or a new Coachjoin my team and join the Stewardship of YOUR Body Movement.  Be a living billboard of your faith.  Display the fruit of the spirit (self-control and self-love) in your life.  When you get asked HOW – you have a fantastic platform to share more than just a weight loss/health improvement system; more importantly – you get to share the gospel (good news).

1 Corinthians 6:19 “Don’t you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and who was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourselves but to God”. (GNT)


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