December 8, 2015


Everyone is welcome as a CUSTOMER, but not to our Coaching Team.    Here, money is a reward, not a reason.  Jesus is believed, prayed to, and the Bible is shared here. Ministry and serving others comes first.

On the In His Image Fitness Team? Request the Password to the private pages

Want to BECOME a Coach?

Awesome!  Complete this NO COMMITMENT application to see if this is a mutual fit. We do not make money driven decisions here.  Even if this business opportunity is for you, it may not be with the In His Image Fitness Team.

Being on Team- His Image Fitness means benefits beyond being a part of the business opportunity.  This team will:

  • pray for and with each other
  • learn how to move this from being just business, to being a faith-based ministry
  • get access to a version of the magazine branded with your Beachbody business links (FREE to you, I absorb the cost)
  • get access to a clone of this website, branded to you.  (Sorry, a percentage of the cost to set up and maintain a site like this has to be passed on to you, if you wish to participate at this level.)  (contact Trudy for details)
  • be part of TEAM -In His Image Fitness, activities
  • and more…

Let’s explore this together, ok?


Otherwise, meet my active team:

Team access only (PRIVATE password protected)