Choose Your Challenge


  • There is always a choice:
  • Choose to do nothing, keeping things as they are
  • Choose to say yes, but not actually show up for you
  • Choose to say yes, start - but never complete what you started
  • Choose to say yes, complete your challenge and enjoy your change.
Which will you choose?

Baby Steps to Fitness

$1 to participate

Ongoing Challenge Group

M-F for the last 3 weeks of each month

This is a great starting point for those:

  • new to making healthy lifestyle changes
  • starting over after a lengthy binge of poor choices
  • just recuperated from an illness or injury (with Medical permission)

Other Challenges


In addition to the Baby Steps to Fitness, which is an ongoing/annual program, I host other Challenge groups.

Click the calendar icon to be taken to the event page

Challenges are built around themes, specialty workouts, nutrition and more.

All my Challenge groups have built-in components you can expect:

  • Biblical strategies for stewardship (management) of your Temple (body)
  • A community of believers of those non-offended by the Word of God
  • Resources to help you succeed
  • Prayer for and with Challenge participants
  • The gift of feeling heard (Yes, I listen, then respond)
  • Solid fitness and nutrition teaching by Industry experts
  • Testimonials

Check out the upcoming Groups and let me know which you intend to participate in.