5 Tech Tools to FAIL-PROOF Your Fitness Efforts.

Tech tools Make Fitness FAIL-PROOF!

Technology has a foothold in the health industry, and this is one bandwagon you do want to jump on.

The average adult can own, monitor and improve their health with the use of affordable technology – many of which are even free!   It truly helps to embrace technology to make fitness efforts almost fail-proof.

Anything that is measured can be improved.  If you are a fitness Coach or working with one remotely, these tools give invaluable feedback.

There is no way to create a comprehensive list, but here are five of my favorites to consider as you work to improve your fitness levels in this era of a shrinking internet driven world:

5 Tech Tools I love

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(1) Fitness Trackers.  There are so many brands on the market, some more popular than others.  At the very basic level, these trackers are personal devices worn on your body which, depending on the bells and whistles you pay for, track you to collect data on your daily steps, your sleep pattern, your heart rate, workouts and more.

The brand I currently use is the Ironman Tracker by Timex.  Another very popular brand I used to wear is the Fitbit.

What is especially great about Fitness Trackers is that most connect with your smartphone to keep your data handy, sync easily, and share with others who can help keep you encouraged and accountable to your goals.  Some of these brands also share data with the next technology on my list – mobile apps.

(2) Mobile Apps bring health help to the tip of our fingers.  Two of my favorites are Jeffit, and MyFitnessPal.

Jeffit is like having a Personal Trainer in your smartphone.  This app is FREE with an option to upgrade for an affordable price.  Jeffit allows you to select a workout preference, such as cardio, or upper body, and even narrows it by gender.  Tons of exercises are there for you to view how they are done and what gym equipment to use.

MyFitnessPal by UnderArmor connects to several fitness trackers, but more importantly, you can track your nutrition, your fitness, and your weight and share it with a private group of friends.  I love the extensive food list with macro and micro nutrients noted, and the flexibility to add a favorite or ethnic food that is not on the list.  Also, MyFitnessPal has a food scanner when you go food shopping, and has many restaurant items already built-in for quick and easily selection to your food diary.

(3) Bluetooth Scales are another cool piece of technology that has recently shown up on the radar.  No more lying about what you truly weigh.  These scales send your weight to a website or app on your smartphone.  The visual of seeing your data in graphical form, the ability to see your data history and the fact that it is recorded truthfully, moves many to step up their fitness game and find success that used to elude them.  There are many wireless scales on the market.  I use the affordable Bally Fitness Scale.  The price was not my deciding factor here. What I love about the Bally Scale is configured to track an unlimited number of users, while other scales track from only one to eight users.

(4) Vision Board Software.  The one I use is a BOSS system that does more than just create a vision board, it helps you flesh out your priorities in complete fashion, including task lists, accountability and more. The tech tool I use here is Goals On Track, and it includes a mobile App.

(5) Heart Rate Monitors:  Let’s face it, increasing intensity during your workout is the best way to fast-track your success, while shortening your exercise time.  The components of any fitness program are: Frequency x Intensity x Time x Type.  I hear lots of people claim to have worked out and worked hard, but honestly – we always over estimate our effort.  This is where technology keeps us honest.  Wearing a heart rate monitor, or using the built-in ones on some cardio equipment tells us when we are in our workout zones.  The impact to our body of a jog that leaves us breathy, versus a casual stroll are very different. The Apple Watch and  the Fitbit HR has this feature built in, or it can be a stand-alone tool.

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(1) Do you have a favorite fitness technology or App?  Share it with us in the comment area below.

(2) Will you check out any of the tech tools I suggested here?  Share which one and how you think it will solve a need you have.

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