35+? WARNING: Ignoring Your Health Is an Invitation To a ‘Sucky’ Life Later.

35+? If this is you, please take this post seriously!  I write it with absolute love and concern for you, for me, and for those that matter the most to me.

At 1:31 A.M. this morning, I got word my 46-year-old sister is in I.C.U. for a hemorrhagic stroke.  I have my phone by me anxious for word of her progress, and yes, I have been praying for her healing recovery.

The danger is, at 35+, most of us are at the top of our game.  Following the law of averages, by this age, most of us have ditched our stupidity of youth, added young ones to our families, and have more money than we did as younger adults.  The problem is, we ARE at the top of our game.  Where does thing go from the top?  Well, the law of averages is the law of averages for a reason.  It speaks to what happens for the majority at 35+; the roller coaster ride is a fast slide down from there.

35+ is the top of the Life Chart

Psalm 90:10 “Our days may come to seventy years, or eighty, if our strength endures[ ].” (NIV)

Those who ignore the Bible, still come up with 70 as the average lifespan of humans today.  Even as healthcare improvements allow many to live past age 70, the law of averages proves the Bible to be true.  That being said, if you are 35+, you are on the other side of the life curve.

35+, life expectancy,

Source: Life Tables for the
The United States Social Security
Area 1900-2100

You do not need special graph reading skill to see the sharp drop in life expectancy at the 40-year-old mark.  The only thing shifting is the percentage of people doing it, but once past 35+, the curve starts that negative slope.

The government wants you to buy the idea that you will live beyond 70+ because they need you to contributing to the Social Security pool for as long as possible while delaying you as long as possible from pulling from it.  At the heart of big money decisions, is – BIG MONEY $$$!  If you can be fooled, then you contribute to the age-old saying, “A fool and their money are soon departed”.

However, at 35+, you feel invincible, and thoughts to taking action toward your health don’t tend to kick in until… your body starts screaming that it knows something is different and forces you to take a second look.  For some, it is too late.

The photo below was taken in 2014 when friends fro New Jersey came to town, and I met them for dinner.  John in the back right is no longer with us.


This is just life folks.  Burying your head in the sand does not change the facts.

What is worse, is most of us will spend life after our 35+ years, dealing with a ‘sucky’ quality of life in the years we have left.  Energy levels are reducing at increasingly faster rates.  Trips to the hospitals and the cost that go with it become more frequent, health complications compound, need for and volume of medications and the associated costs, increase.  Shall I go on?  Nothing I am saying is new or surprising – I am simply asking you to take serious note today!  Right now!

This site is set up to encourage and facilitate a deliberate pursuit of stewardship of the body.  Things that are aging, be it cars, artwork, buildings, or other assets – including our bodies, require extra and special attention if the quality of continuity is to be maintained.

35+?  The second half of your life can be more amazing than the first.  We have the maturity, money, and (hopefully) the mindset to make it so.  STOP TAKING THIS FOR GRANTED!  Invest in your quality of life because you MUST if you intend NOT to have a ‘sucky’ life later.  How you spend this half of your life is up to you.  Now is NOT the time to bury your head in the sand and pretend like this half will be as healthy as your first half.

Let me invite you to deliberately, pour loving-self-care into yourself.  BECOME a better steward of this body you have.  It is the ONLY way to do life on this side of eternity.

Have you ever been to an antique car show?  The magic is, those old cars are loving restored and maintained so despite their age, they are not only still around and in driving condition, but of higher value than when they were new.  Why not you?  You are certainly worth more investment in care, time, and money than a car?  Well, I would hope you would think so.

35+, health, life expectancy,

Antique Cars at a show

35+?  Step up your self-loving-care.  Invest the time, the love, and even the dollars to lovingly maintain, or restore your body now.  There is no need for the second half of your life to be ‘sucky’ when you can decide to make it amazing.

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