Stewardship of the Body

Loving ON yourself BECAUSE you love yourself
Because image matters... Our identity in His image

Trudy Beerman

Editor & Stewardship Coach: Trudy Beerman.

Having lost 35 pounds through a Bible Focused approach to health, Trudy was transformed physically and spiritually.

A former Certified Fitness Trainer, Trudy's former physique was molded by a self-absorbed focus to look a certain way because it was expected from Fitness Trainers to look the part, to increase sex appeal and to improve how she felt about herself. The recession of 2006-2009 cost her her fitness studio and business, and she spiraled into depression and massive weight gain. Because the reason for weight loss was to impress others, with that incentive gone, she had no interest in continuing in the fitness business.

In 2014, she participated in the Christian program called The Daniel Plan by Pastor Rick Warren and was reminded that her body was under her control buy owned by God, and was the Temple of the Holy Spirit deserving of special care and attention. She never looked back, and having inspired others, through her own management of a Daniel Plan Bible Study group, decided to step back into leadership in this and bring mission to this new health ministry.

This is HUGE JOB! The harvest is plentiful and the workers are few. She has prayed to the Lord of the Harvest that more leaders will step up and merge their passion for wellness with a ministry of service.

WELCOME to In His Image Fitness.

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